West Oxfordshire factfile

West Oxfordshire is a rural area covering 71,494 hectares. With around 105,000 people living in the district, it is the second most sparsely populated of the 67 local authorities in South East England. A third of the district is in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and 2% lies within the Green Belt surrounding Oxford city.

West Oxfordshire in context

Key facts about West Oxfordshire

  • The district has 83 parishes, ranging from towns to hamlets.
  • The district's population is spread out over a wide area, however it is mainly concentrated in the towns of Witney and Carterton. Other towns are Burford, Charlbury, Chipping Norton and Woodstock.
  • 41% of the total population live in the district's two largest towns - Witney (over 27,000) and Carterton (around 16,000).
  • The proportion of older people in West Oxfordshire is above average with 18% aged over 65 compared with 16% nationally.
  • The largest populations of people in West Oxfordshire who were born outside the UK are from Poland, Germany, Ireland and the USA.

More information

  • West Oxfordshire has a strong and diverse economy and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.
  • Tourism plays a major role in the district's economy, attracting around four million visits and around £279.7 million to West Oxfordshire per year. See the Oxfordshire Cotswolds website.
  • The main towns have buoyant markets.
  • There are a range of leisure opportunities, some of which the District Council is responsible for providing. See leisure.
  • The District Council provides waste and recycling collections to all households in the district and some businesses. Household recycling collections include weekly food waste, weekly recycling for a range of materials and fortnightly garden waste. The fortnightly garden waste collections alternate with household rubbish (non-recyclables) collections. See bins and recycling.
  • Parking at Council-owned car parks is free.
  • The Council set its share of the annual council tax bill for a Band D property in 2017/2018 at £91.63 and continues to have the second lowest council tax charge of all 201 district councils in England.

Further facts and figures

Oxfordshire Insight provides a single access point for statistics and information about towns and parishes across the county.

Census 2011 information

We have put together a summary for West Oxfordshire which contains key facts and figures about population, household information and the economy. Please see:

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