Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan

After conducting research and consulting with the community, Eynsham Parish Council has produced a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the parish.

This sets out a number of planning policies and the following vision for the future:

‘Our vision for the Parish of Eynsham at the end of the plan period (2031) is that both new and existing residents will be enjoying the same benefits of living in the village as current residents do in 2017 and that the area will be an even more attractive community in which to live and work.’

The final public consultation on Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan was held during August and September, and responses to this can be viewed below.

These responses, together with the Neighbourhood Plan and other supporting documents, have now been submitted for Examination. The outcome will be published here once this Examination is completed.

Public Meeting 4 December 2017

Ann Skippers, Independent Examiner of Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan requested that a meeting be held in public to assist her understanding of the intent of Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan and to establish and agree a way forward with Eynsham Parish Council and West Oxfordshire District Council for the examination of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The meeting was held on Monday 4 December 2017 to discuss the items on the publicised Meeting Agenda and a record of the discussion is provided in the Meeting Notes. 

Ann Skippers subsequently wrote to the District and Eynsham Parish Council to confirm options for the Examination of Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan and these can be viewed here: Letter from Examiner

A Supporting Letter has also been provided by Ann Skippers which sets out:

  • recommended subject areas of Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan to be reviewed
  • subsequent procedural actions required prior to the (re)commencement of the Examination


Responses to the consultation about Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan

Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan consultation documents

To view supporting documents for the Eynsham Neighbourhood Development Plan please

Eynsham Neighbourhood Area Application

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