Neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood Plans steer development and land use in a local designated area by setting out policy and proposals against which local planning applications will be assessed, should the plan be adopted. Policy and proposals in a Neighbourhood Plan may inform:

  • Where new housing or employment might be located in the area
  • Types of development, including materials to be used for new development
  • Opportunities for Green Infrastructure in the area (open spaces, pedestrian paths etc)

Neighbourhood Plans must be developed, resourced and led by the town/parish council (or Neighbourhood Forum where there is no Town or Parish Council) with input from local residents and businesses. For guidance on producing a Neighbourhood Plan please:

Current neighbourhood plans

To see more details about current neighbourhood plans, please:

Questions to answer when considering a Neighbourhood Plan

What do you want to achieve for your area by doing a plan for the town/parish?

Neighbourhood Planning enables communities to set a vision for the future development of an area and develop general planning policies which will steer the development and use of land in a neighbourhood to deliver this vision. It can be detailed, or general, depending on what the community is seeking to achieve. Where delivery of the vision does not require the development or use of land, a Community Plan would be appropriate.

What skills and resources do you have to do the plan?

We can offer support and advice but the plan must be owned and produced by the local community. Be aware that there may be other costs than just people's time - do you have any funds to use?

Help developing a Neighbourhood Plan

Once you have an idea about what you want to achieve and how you might do it, contact our Community Planning Officer to discuss how we can help:

  • We will provide appropriate support to town and parish councils wishing to develop a Neighbourhood Plan including, for example, provision of technical advice and assistance with consultation.
  • The plan will need to be tested against the overarching Development Strategy for West Oxfordshire (the Adopted Local Plan 2006 - 2011), as well as national policies and any adjoining Neighbourhood Plans through an independent examination.
  • If it passes this stage, a referendum will be held and if it is agreed by a majority, the plan will be adopted by West Oxfordshire District Council.

Neighbourhood planning information and tools

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