Oxfordshire Cotswolds Garden Village

A key element of the emerging West Oxfordshire Local Plan is the establishment of a new Garden Village to the north of the A40 near Eynsham.

The new garden village will make a major contribution towards providing much-needed homes and jobs in a high quality living environment. It will also unlock funds to improve infrastructure and boost the case for improvements to local transport links, including upgrades to the A40.

It will be a new standalone settlement, self contained with its own village facilities, such as schools, community resources and employment opportunities, whilst taking proper account of environmental considerations and planned infrastructure improvements.

Expression of interest

The District Council submitted an expression of interest to the Government in 2016 to obtain Garden Village Status for the proposed development area.

Government announcement

West Oxfordshire District Council welcomed the announcement made by central government that it will contribute funding towards the new Garden Village.

Government support will help to deliver around 2,200 homes by 2031, as well as a new science park and other supporting facilities required to create a standalone village settlement.

Detailed planning and funding

Government backing for the Garden Village allows detailed planning to begin and the opportunity to access infrastructure funding programmes across government, such as the new £2.3 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund announced at this year’s Autumn Statement.

The science business park proposed with the garden village will give local people an alternative to driving to work in Oxford. In addition, the nearby Hanborough railway station together with the planned Park and Ride facility to the north of Eynsham will give people an alternative to using their cars.

Community engagement

We will be seeking to work closely with a range of stakeholders, including communities and local parishes, land owners, developers and specialists in environment and heritage protection to develop a masterplan for the area.

We will also be asking the neighbouring communities for their views and contributions on many aspects of the village development from naming it to commenting and influencing its design.

The Local Plan

In the current draft West Oxfordshire Local Plan, the proposed Garden Village forms part of a total of 15,950 homes set to be built by 2031, of which 2,750 have been allocated as the District’s contribution to Oxford’s unmet housing need.

The draft Local Plan is still subject to agreement through the Local Plan process which also includes examination by the Planning Inspector in spring 2017.

Currently there is no planning permission on this site and it was not included in the Council’s previously submitted draft Local Plan.

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