Service performance

We are committed to providing high quality services which are value for money. To achieve this it is important that we actively manage our performance.

The Council's vision and priorities

For details of the Council's vision and priorities, please:

The plan outlines objectives and the key actions we are taking to achieve each priority. These priorities and objectives underpin our service planning and we actively manage performance to help us achieve our priorities. To see the key tasks for this year, please:

Service plans

Every year service plans are produced by each department which set out what they propose to do, including how our priorities will be achieved. 

Performance management of services

Data about the performance of services is collected so that we can manage our performance. Senior managers and Councillors use this information to help make decisions about:

  • where to direct resources
  • the action needed to deal with poor performance

Reports are made quarterly to Cabinet and the various Overview and Scrutiny Committees.  Summaries of the Council's performance for the last three years are available below:

Annual audit of the Council

The Council's accounts are audited by our external auditors, Grant Thornton. Their findings are set out in an Annual Audit Letter, which is published each year when available.

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