Household recycling

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Blue-lidded wheelie bins and black recycling boxes are provided to all households in West Oxfordshire. These are collected fortnightly (food waste is collected weekly).

Here’s how your bin collections look-

We'll collect recycling, glass, food and garden waste one week. And your rubbish and food waste the next.

Please ensure that your wheelie bin lid shuts fully and that all bins / boxes are put by the kerbside by 6am on your collection day and removed from public paths as soon as possible after collection.

Quick guide to recycling

Please rinse any food waste from items before putting out for recycling.

What can and cannot be recycledRecycling wheelie binRecycling box 1:
Recycling box 2:
Small electricals
Yes please Aerosols
Aluminium foil
Tins & cans
Card & cardboard
Cartons & Tetra paks
Paper (including magazines, newspaper, shredded paper)
Plastic tubs, food trays, bottles and tops
Glass bottles and glass jars For anything small which has:
- A plug
- Batteries
- Needs charging
For example:
kettles, hairdryers,
mobile phones, radios etc

Please wrap and secure
cables with an elastic band or tape
No thank you Animal waste / cat litter
Bubble wrap, cling film
Crisp & sweet wrappers
Flyaway plastics eg carriers bags, plastic film
Food waste
Garden pots
Household rubbish
Jiffy bags
Pet food pouches

Broken glass
Drinking glasses
Light bulbs
Pyrex glass
Sheet glass
Anything larger than the recycling box
Television & computer screens

Why glass is collected separately 

Glass is abrasive and can easily damage machinery. Our vehicles have a separate reinforced section specifically for glass collection. This means we can send it directly to a specialised reprocessor which is the most efficient way of recycling your glass bottles and jars into new items.

Other recyclable items

We will also collect the following items when put out with your recycling bin on your collection day:

ItemHow to recycle
Textiles & shoes In a carrier bag (clear if possible) alongside recycling bin
Electrical items Please place into a black recycling box on your recycling week.
Cooking oil In a separate, sealed and labelled plastic container (5 litre max) alongside recycling bin
Engine oil In a separate, sealed and labelled plastic container (5 litre max) alongside recycling bin
Batteries In a labelled, used envelope on top of recycling bin lid
Car batteries Contact us to arrange free collection

For a more detailed list of what can be recycled in West Oxfordshire:

Larger recycling bins

If after flattening cardboard and squashing cans, tins and plastics you continually find you have excess recycling, you can ask for a larger recycling bin. These are 50% bigger than the standard bin householders are given. 

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