Organising public events

The organisation of any public event, regardless of its size or the numbers of people attending, requires careful planning to ensure the safety of the public.

Street parties and fetes

Street parties and fetes may require a licence and, if taking place on the highway, may need a road closure. For more information see:

Other public events

Any event which involves any of the following may require a licence:

  • Sale of alcohol or food
  • The playing of amplified or live music

For more information and to apply see:

Event safety

If you are holding an event, you will be legally responsible for the safety of anyone attending and will need to notify the Safety Advisory Group. For more information and notification forms see:

Events on or affecting the public highway

If you are planning an event which you wish to hold on the public highway or which may have an impact on the public highway (such as increased traffic) contact:

West Oxfordshire District Council
New Yatt Road
OX28 1PB