Prospective purchasers warned of limited development capacity at Turley Lane, Hailey

Prospective purchasers are warned to be aware of the very limited development capacity at Turley Lane in Hailey after being alerted to a land for sale email.

The site is considered to be ‘greenfield land’ and is in attractive open countryside away from any major settlement. Steps were taken to protect this land back in 2005 when we found out that it was to be sub-divided into plots and sold off.

We’re keen to make people fully aware of the planning limitations on the land and caution them that they should not invest in this site for development purposes.

Situated partially within a conservation area and bordering ancient woodland, the site has very limited potential for any form of development and housing proposals are especially unlikely to be supported. Any permitted development rights on the land have also been removed, including:

  • Putting up fences and other means of enclosure
  • Creating access to the road
  • Moving portable buildings and structures on to the land
  • Using the land for any purposes for up to 28 days

For more information about planning and permitted development rights, see our planning and building webpages.

West Oxfordshire District Council
New Yatt Road
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