Personal searches

We offer an assisted personal search service at our Elmfield council office in Witney.

You or an agent will need to email the following 48 hours before your booking to the Land charges team:

  • a clear plan (ideally OS extract 1:1250 or 1:2500)
  • full postal address (including the Parish)

We will then email a schedule of matters affecting the property or land held within our register (Registrations held under Rule 7 of the Land Charges Act 1977).

Book a personal search

To book a personal search appointment please call 01993 861000.

Slots are available Monday to Friday:

  • 9am – 12pm (10 properties - maximum of 5 per agent) or
  • 2pm – 4pm (6 properties – maximum of 2 per agent)

Bookings must be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance. On occasion there may be flexibility due to cancellations and in exceptional cases of urgency. You may book up to 3 weeks in advance.

Online records

The most accurate and up to date records for the following are now available online:

Road adoptions are available in paper form at our Elmfield offices

Road traffic schemes

Road traffic schemes

Footpath creations, diversions and orders

Footpath creations, diversions and orders

Airfield safeguarding zones

To keep the operation of airports safe and secure, airports are legally obliged to have an active policy of aerodrome safeguarding. Consultees must make sure that no developments within the 15km safeguarding zone (30km for wind turbines) have an negative effect on the airport's operation. Aerodrome safeguarding covers:

 1.  Protecting the airspace around the airport by making sure there are no buildings or structures which may cause danger to aircraft either in the air or on the ground. The 15km safeguarding circle around the airport is measured from the middle of the runway.

2.  Making sure that proposed developments eg landscaping, waste disposal facilities etc. do not attract birds and wildlife or encourage birds to congregate and threaten flight safety.

3.  Ensuring that radar and navigational aids are not distorted by proposed developments. For example, wind turbines and large banks of solar panels can interfere with radar.

4.  Making sure that visual aids, such as the runway lights and approach lights are not hidden or that other lights in the local area do not distract or confuse pilots. 

The legends on each individual map will indicate if there is a statutory consultee who, through the Town and Country Planning process, will need to be consulted by the local and county planning authorities about certain developments within the safeguarding consultation zones.

If you need any further information about Airfield Safeguarding Areas, please get advice from the relevant body. Please:

West Oxfordshire District Council
New Yatt Road
OX28 1PB