Plastics & recycling

Here in West Oxfordshire you can recycle lots of plastic items in your blue-lidded wheelie bin. These can be recycled into so many amazing things... football shirts, sleeping bags and even fleece jackets.

But there are many different types of plastic and it depends on what the recycling facility will accept as to what can be recycled. 

Quick guide to plastic recycling in West Oxfordshire

Yes please - put in your blue-lidded binNo thanks - put in your grey rubbish bin
Plastic bottles
Drinks bottles and cleaning products like shampoo, shower gel and bleach bottles etc.
We collect any colour and you can leave the tops on too.
Plastic bags
Carrier bags, compost bags, fruit / vegetable packaging and any plastic bags that can be easily scrunched in your hand.
Plastic pots
Yoghurt and medicine pots etc.
Bubble wrap and plastic film
Cling film, cellophane, film lids etc.
Plastic tubs and punnets
Ice cream and butter tubs and fruit / vegetable punnets etc.
Crisp packets, sweet and chocolate wrappers
These cannot be recycled as they contain a mix of foil and plastic.
Plastic food trays* 
Meat, biscuit and chocolate trays etc.

* Please remove the plastic film lid and put this in your grey rubbish bin.
Cat and dog food pouches
These cannot be recycled as they contain several materials including foil, plastic and paper. 

Your questions answered... 

How are the plastics recycled?

Plastic pots, tubs, trays and bottles are sent to a recycling facility near Birmingham along with the other items from your blue-lidded bin. Here they are sorted and separated on a conveyor belt and washed and chipped into smaller plastics pieces. These are then melted and made into pellets for moulding into new items such as bottles or garden furniture. 

What happens to the non-recyclable plastics?

Waste collected in the grey rubbish bins is taken to the Ardley Energy Recovery Facility for processing. Here it is burnt to produce electricity.

What happens to the plastic bags I put my food waste in?

These are removed at the processing plant and sent to Ardley Energy Recovery Facility.

Do you collect black plastic trays and pots for recycling? 

Yes. The recycling facility we send them to will recycle as many of them as possible but not all can be done because of the colouring and how the plastics are sorted. However, there is a move to reduce the use of these items by manufacturers so hopefully this will improve over time.

Can I recycle plant pots?

Sorry, no. This is due to the material they are made from - plus the soil they contain contaminates the recycling process. You can reuse them or ask your local garden centre if they can make use of them. Alternatively, please put them in your grey rubbish bin.

Do I need to check the symbols on plastic packaging?

These symbols are generic UK guides and are not specific to West Oxfordshire. Please use the guide above rather than following symbols given on the packaging.  

Why can I no longer recycle 'flyaway plastics' such as plastic film and carrier bags?

Since October 2017 recycling has been taken to Suez Ltd, a recycling facility near Birmingham. They are not able to process and recycle these types of plastic due to the technology they use. Carrier bags should be reused where possible and can be used to line your food waste bin, or put in your grey rubbish bin.

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