Empty homes

We have instructed a private company (Capacity Grid) to review long-term empty properties in West Oxfordshire. This is to help tackle the national shortfall in housing by bringing empty properties back into use.

If you have received a letter with a pass code and property reference number, please update the records for the property using the online questionnaire:  

Empty homes review

Your details will only be used for the purpose of the Empty Homes Review.

For help with completing the form call: 0845 241 9565.

Tell us about an empty home

If you know of an empty home in the district, please complete the form below letting us know the:

  • address
  • name and address of the owner (if known)
  • length of time it has been empty
  • type of property.

Tell us about an empty property

 If the empty property is yours, there are a range of options available including:

  • Living in the property yourself
  • Selling it to an owner-occupier or a housing association
  • Letting and managing the property yourself
  • Letting the property through a housing association or private letting agent.

Help is available to bring empty homes back into use

We want to find out why a property is empty so we will speak to the owner and see what options there are to bring it back into use. The following help is available:`

Low Cost Empty Home Loans

These Loans are available to customers who already own an empty home and to those who wish to purchase an empty home. They are a low rate 5 year loan for the purpose of bringing the property back to habitable use.

Affordable Housing Loans

The Affordable Housing Loans Scheme is available to assist owners of empty properties to bring them back into habitable use through funding, project management and private sector leasing. For more information:

Council and privately run schemes

The following schemes are targeted at empty properties to prepare them for sale or rental:

  • Private sector leasing scheme with Flexible Home Improvement Loan funding to bring empty properties back into use as affordable housing
  • Affordable property makeovers by the House Doctor Network:

Please note: The Council gives no guarantees about the suitability of any of these schemes for individual cases. You should take financial and legal advice before entering any of these privately run refurbishment schemes.

Letting your property

Contact the Housing Team for advice about letting your property including details of:

  • the Council's deposit bond
  • rent in advance and
  • landlord insurance schemes.


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