Planning decisions

You can view planning applications that we have decided in two ways:

1. View the latest decisions of the two area Planning committees:

2. Search for planning application decisions on:

Please note: before starting any form of development you should wait until you have received the decision notice as there may be conditions or legal agreements.

Decisions on planning applications

Planning team

90% of applications are decided by our planning team under delegated powers.

Planning committee meetings

The other 10% of applications are decided by a Planning Committee which is made up of elected Councillors and held monthly.

West Oxfordshire is divided into two planning committee areas:

  • Uplands which covers the north of the district
  • Lowlands which cover the south of the district

You are welcome to attend any planning committee and view the agenda papers which are available five working days before the meeting.

Applications which are decided by the Planning committee

Applications will go to committee if:

  • A District Councillor asks for the application to be referred to Committee. If you would like the Planning committee to decide your application please contact your Ward Councillor at least two working days before the consultation deadline to discuss planning reasons for the case to go to committee. Find your local Councillor information
  • The application is to be refused, unless the local District Councillor agrees that it should be refused.
  • The decision would be clearly against the views of the town or parish council. This doesn't apply to householder applications.
  • The decision would be against the local and national planning policy.
  • The proposal is for property owned by the Council, a member of staff or a District Councillor.
  • Approval would be within one year of a similar application for development on the same site which was previously not allowed at a planning appeal.

Types of developments decided by committee

The following types of development are also decided by committee, unless they are for approval of details following an outline planning permission or are for the resubmission of a scheme with an existing permission:

  • Housing developments of 10 or more units or on a site of over 0.5 hectares, unless the site is allocated for housing in the Local Plan
  • Buildings of 1,000 square metres or more or on a site of a hectare or more
  • Telecommunications masts
  • The Strategic Director thinks it's appropriate to take an application to committee

Planning committee report

A written report is prepared on each application before the committee which:

  • summarises any responses received
  • makes a recommendation to either grant or refuse the application.

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