Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) support the Local Plan by providing additional detail on our policies. These are subject to consultation prior to adoption by the Council.

This year we are working on a number of new documents including:

  • West Eynsham Development Framework
  • North Witney Development Framework
  • East Witney Development Framework
  • East Chipping Norton Development Framework
  • Developer Contributions
  • Green Infrastructure

Supplementary planning documents for affordable housing and design are already in place and are available to download below.

More information about each of these new documents, and the respective consultations, will be added to this webpage as we progress.

East Chipping Norton SPD consultation 25 January - 8 March 2019

The West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2031 allocates land to the east of Chipping Norton for strategic development to include the provision of around 1,200 homes, 5 hectares of business land together with supporting services and facilities including a new primary school.

A Supplementary Planning Document is being prepared to ensure that development of the site is brought forward in a comprehensive and coordinated manner.

The Council has produced an initial 'issues' consultation paper which is intended to stimulate early debate and discussion about the key priorities to be addressed through the SPD as the site is taken forwards.

Hard copies of the Issues Paper are also available to inspect at the following locations:

We would welcome your views on the issues paper which is available for comment from 25 January to 8 March 2019.

During the consultation Council officers will be on hand to discuss the site at two public exhibitions which have been arranged for 6 February from 2pm - 8pm at Glyme Hall and for 25 February from 2pm to 8pm at the Town Hall. Our exhibition panel displays are available to view by clicking on the link below.

To submit a response to the consultation you can:


Write to: Planning Policy, West Oxfordshire District Council, New Yatt Road, Witney, OX28 1PB

All responses received will be taken into account by the Council in preparing the draft SPD for further consultation in early summer 2019.

If you require any further information or assistance regarding the consultation please telephone the Council's Planning Policy Team on 01993 861667.

West Eynsham SPD consultation

Land west of Eynsham is allocated for a mixed us development including 1,000 houses, a spine road and a new primary school in our Local Plan 2031.

The Supplementary Planning Document will ensure that this development integrates with the existing community and takes account of the environmental qualities and characteristics of the area.

As a first step in the SPD process the Council has produced an ‘issues paper’ which is intended to stimulate early debate and discussion about development to the west of Eynsham and the key issues and priorities to be addressed as the site is taken forward. A copy of the Issues Paper can be downloaded below.

Consultation on the issues paper closed on 21 September 2018 and responses were received from over 100 individuals and organisations. A list of respondents is available to download below, including links to each individual or organisation's full response. 

Also available to download below is a summary report of the consultation, which identifies the key issues raised under each of the themes set out in the Issues Paper.

West Oxfordshire Design Guide

The Design Guide contains a detailed analysis of both natural and man made aspects of the District and detailed design advice.

The Design Guide was adopted by the Council in April 2016, and is a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), so it's a material consideration in planning decisions.

Please view the new West Oxfordshire Design Guide 2016 using the drop down box below:

West Oxfordshire Design Guide

Affordable Housing SPD

The affordable housing SPD provides detailed guidance on how the District Council will secure the delivery of affordable housing. Available to download below.

West Oxfordshire District Council
New Yatt Road
OX28 1PB