West Oxfordshire draft Local Plan

Local Plan Housing Consultation - 8 August to 19 September 2014

In response to the Oxfordshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) published in April 2014, we did a 6-week consultation on its emerging Local Plan – focused on housing issues including the number of homes needed, the overall strategy and potential housing sites, the type and mix of housing needed including affordable housing and how the housing needs of specific groups will be met.

To view the Local Plan Housing Consultation and supporting background evidence please visit:

Draft Local Plan October 2012

The Draft Local Plan was published for consultation from 7 November until 19 December 2012. We received over 2,000 comments in response to the consultation.

To view the draft plan, supporting consultation documents and responses received please visit:

 To view a summary of the comments received, please visit:

Throughout the preparation of the Local Plan, we have received a large amount of detailed information relating to potential strategic development sites at Witney and Carterton. This information, submitted by a range of organisations including land owners and developers, has been added to a summary list which can be accessed via the following link:

Local Plan preparation

For reference purposes, all earlier information about the preparation of the new Local Plan is set out below.

Special Full Council meeting - September 2011

A special meeting of Full Council was held in September 2011. For further details including the minutes of the meeting please visit:

Opportunity for further comments June - July 2011

Comments were invited on new documents published by the Council and on further submissions received from agents/developers pursuing development options on the fringe of Carterton. Comments received are being added to the consultation website.

Draft Core Strategy consultation January - March 2011

The Draft Core Strategy (now referred to as the new Local Plan) was published for consultation in January 2011. The responses to this consultation and summaries of the responses are available on the consultation website:

Issues and Options and Preferred Options Consultations

Site allocations consultations

In 2008, we consulted on a site allocations document which asked for views on a number of potential development sites put forward by developers and landowners. Two consultations were done. The first, in March 2008, sought views on almost 100 sites that had been put forward initially:

In response to that consultation a further 40 sites were put forward and these were subject to a second consultation held in July 2008.

To view the responses we received please visit:

Sustainability Appraisal

We are required to subject plans and strategies to a process of Sustainability Appraisal (SA) to assess their impact on the environment, the economy and society. The sustainability appraisal scoping report sets out the framework for testing the objectives and policies of the Local Plan. 

 Sustainability appraisal scoping report update 2008

Sustainability appraisal scoping report 2007

Appraisals have been undertaken at each stage of the plan making process. More information can be found by following the relevant links above.

Local Plan evidence base

We gathered an extensive evidence base to inform the Local Plan, including specialist studies and local surveys. Please:

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