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Our budget

A message from the leader of our District Council, Cllr Michele Mead

Leader of the Council Michele Mead

Following months of review, discussion and input from Councillors and residents, I am pleased to say that we have now agreed the budget for West Oxfordshire District Council for the 2022/23 financial year which starts in April.

While we are cautiously optimistic that we will see a return to pre pandemic levels of fees and income for the Council, this comes alongside anticipated funding cuts which will make our financial position challenging, as it is for local government and many other public service providers across the country.

In drafting a budget, which we believe best serves our residents, we need to consider not only the current year but future years and to ensure the continuing provision of vital services, we must find ways to reduce costs and increase income.  Projects are under way to find further efficiencies in services and to develop new, revenue generating opportunities.  Alongside this to assist in covering expenditure, we will be raising our element of the Council Tax by 4.57% or £5 which will cost a band D household an additional 9.6p per week.

As a Council Tax payer, only 10% of what you pay goes towards your local Town, Parish and District Councils. This funds a relatively small but crucial proportion of our overall spending and in conjunction with business rates, other grant funding and commercial income that we generate, we provide all of the core services that you expect such as: 

  • waste and recycling
  • leisure centres, football pitches, swimming pools and other leisure services
  • housing and council tax support 
  • facilitating the delivery of affordable housing
  • street cleaning and fly tipping
  • planning and building control
  • environmental health and licensing services
  • parks, play parks, car parks and public toilets
  • promotion of economic growth and regeneration
  • support for the homeless
  • street wardens
  • election administration

At the request of our residents, we also provide additional support through community hubs, community grants, keeping our car parks free to encourage shoppers from across the county and further afield to support our local businesses, and working with local councils and other groups to deliver community enhancing infrastructure projects through S106 funds.

 As a Council we are dedicated to providing these services to you and continuing to meet our core aims of tackling the climate emergency on a local level, providing affordable housing for residents who need it most, developing a vibrant and resilient local economy, ensuring the Council has a stable financial future to continue its service and improving our community wellbeing.

The other 90% of your Council tax goes to the Police (11.5%) and the County Council (78.5%).  The County Council uses this money to deliver its services which include:

  • Roads and transport, highway maintenance
  • Social care for children and adults
  • Education & libraries

West Oxfordshire District Council does not deliver any of these services but does collect your Council Tax payments on behalf of the Police and the County Council.

As our funding continues to reduce, delivering the same high level of service from a smaller budget becomes increasingly challenging and we are grateful to our residents for their support.  To the volunteers and local community groups who provided such vital care to those around them during the pandemic, to our Council officers who managed the payment of £50m of government grants last year on top of their regular work, and to the local businesses who continue to push West Oxfordshire’s economy forwards as we recover.  We will continue to serve you and we thank you for making West Oxfordshire a great place to live, work and play.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we spend the council tax we receive, please use these webpages to find out what we achieved last year.

Michele Mead - Leader of West Oxfordshire District Council