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Club premises certificate for new applications

A club must have a club premises certificate to:

  • supply or sell alcohol
  • entertain members and guests


  • Application fee dependent on rateable value of the premises

How to apply

The guidance includes more information on the eligibility criteria, fees and the documentation you’ll need.

Before applying, read the guidance notes for details of how to apply, the eligibility criteria, fees and the documentation you will need to provide. This information can be found in the new club premises guidance notes:

Apply for a new club premises certificate

You must also complete a club premises declaration before we can approve your application. This will tell us that you have fulfilled the legal requirements and are acting in good faith.

The application must be accompanied by a copy of the club rules and constitution.

Fill in a club premises declaration

What happens next

You should advertise the application for 28 days at the club premises, and in the public notices section of the local newspaper.

If we do not receive any representations against the application within the 28 days, then we’ll issue the licence.

If we do receive a representation from a responsible authority or interested party, then the licensing sub committee may need to review the application. We’ll arrange a hearing within 20 working days after the representation period ends.

Mandatory licence conditions for premises that sell alcohol

You must comply with certain mandatory conditions if your premises licence includes retail sale of alcohol.

If you fail to comply with any conditions of your premises licence, you may get an unlimited fine and/or a prison sentences of 6 months.