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Abandoned vehicles

We have a duty to investigate any vehicles reported as abandoned within our area.

A vehicle will only be removed if we are satisfied it is abandoned. Before the vehicle is removed a notice will be placed on the vehicle. A taxed and MOT’d vehicle that is parked legally and is in a good condition is not classed as abandoned and we would not investigate.

 A vehicle may be abandoned if it is:

  • untaxed
  • stationary for a significant amount of time
  • significantly damaged or un-roadworthy
  • containing waste
  • lacking one or more of its number plates 

Burning or burnt out vehicles should be reported to the police in the first instance.

Check if a vehicle is taxed - GOV.UK

Report an abandoned vehicle

Please make sure you have the following information:

  • vehicle registration number
  • make and model of the vehicle
  • colour
  • location (use the map to pin the location but include the postcode if possible)
  • photographs of the vehicle are very useful, but do not take risks or trespass to get them
  • your details in case we need further information

Describe the location of the vehicle as clearly as possible, including any local landmarks nearby. 

We aim to inspect a vehicle within 48 hours of it being reported. The correct process needs to be followed and it may take some time to remove it.

Report an abandoned vehicle