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Dogs lost and found

Report or claim a stray dog

We deal with around 100 stray dogs each year.

To report or claim a stray dog:

If you pick up a stray dog, we will collect it and take it to our council-appointed kennels. The owner will then have seven days to claim him or her.

If a dog is microchipped with up-to-date contact details we will get in touch with the owner to confirm we have their dog. The quicker we can contact the owner, the lower the kennelling charges incurred.

Kennelling charges for stray dogs

Charges to release an impounded dog are as follows:

Details Amount
Statutory fee             £25.00
Kennelling- per day, per dog (Plus Statutory fee) £27.55
Administration fee £87.00
Veterinary fees At cost
Return delivery of dog to owner if requested £84.96

The cost of the vet's fees will be passed on in full to the dog owner.

Dangerous dogs

Dangerous dog incidents are dealt with by the Thames Valley Police. To report an incident call the 101 non-emergency number.

Microchipping and responsible dog ownership

It is a legal requirement that your dog is microchipped.

Microchipping helps us reunite you with your pet quickly. It is inexpensive and some dog charities even offer it for free. Search online or contact your vet to find out more.

Our leaflet sets out your legal responsibilities and offers useful advice: 

If you are thinking about owning a dog, or if you already have one:

  • Make sure that your dog is trained in basic obedience. Look for a local training class.
  • Worm your dog about every four months, puppies more frequently. Ask your vet for advice.
  • Clean up after your dog. Bag it and bin it!
  • Make sure your dog has a collar and tag with your address details. This is a legal requirement and without it, you could be fined. Your telephone number and postcode are optional, but useful.

Ignorance of the law is no defence. Contact us if you need advice.