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Reducing single use plastics

Single use plastics and environmental damage

Plastic waste is one of the largest environmental challenges facing the world today. Plastic items may only be used for a few seconds, but once discarded can last for centuries within the natural environment.  Single Use Plastics (SUPs) is the term given to products that are made wholly or partly of plastic and are used just once before being disposed of.

What we are doing

In recognition of the environmental damage that plastic waste can cause, we have committed to reducing avoidable single use plastic waste by supporting the Statement of Principles.

We will also be working with staff, contractors and partners to deliver this commitment. In order to ensure that plastic waste is minimised across the District, we want everyone to be involved in making similar, single use plastic free choices.

What you can do

‘12 days, 12 ways to reduce SUPs’ is our campaign to reduce SUPs. It aims to share and publicise simple steps that everyone can take to reduce sources of plastic waste. For ideas on how to reduce your own use of SUPs, whether at home, at school or at work, download our tips.