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Housing related support

We know that some people need:

  • extra help and support to manage their tenancy satisfactorily and
  • housing with special features such as adaptations for the disabled. 

To help these groups of people there are:

  • a number of supported housing projects in the district that provide specialist care and support and
  • floating support services that offer help to people living independently, outside of accommodation based services.

Supported housing projects

To find out more about the projects in the table below and apply for a place please contact us, see bottom of page for contact details.

Name of project Groups supported Location of accommodation
Godstow Cottage For young families aged 16-25 years Witney
Hedgerows For people with mental health problems Witney
Bramblings For people with mental health problems Witney
St. Mungos For single males and females aged 16-54 years who are homeless or in housing need Witney
Chipping Norton

Some of these projects are paid for by the Supporting People Programme, a national funding scheme for the provision of housing related support. Oxfordshire County Council:

  • administer this programme
  • are responsible for monitoring the quality of housing related support services and
  • provide grants to the service providers 

For further information please visit:

Floating tenancy support

Floating support is a flexible service which will meet you in the community or in your home. A Housing Support worker will offer help with practical needs such as managing money and developing independent living skills.

Floating support can also put you in touch with specialist organisations that can help with more difficult situations.

Connection floating support

For housing and tenancy support for people over 16 years of age who may have various difficulties, including the following:

  • mental health difficulties
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • homelessness
  • offending
  • domestic violence
  • physical disabilities
  • learning difficulties
  • age related problems

Please see the Connection Support website for more information:

Legal advice for those facing eviction or repossession

New free legal advice for people facing eviction or repossession:

Information about legal aid available for people facing the loss of their home:

Cost of living support

If you are struggling with paying your rent, utilities or general housing related costs, please visit our web page below for links to information on support available both locally and nationally: Help if you're struggling with living costs