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Report benefit fraud

Benefit fraud is a serious crime. We have a dedicated fraud team to prevent, detect and prosecute those making fraudulent applications.

A fraudulent application can be where:

  • information has been falsely given to obtain benefits
  • an application has been correctly made but a change in circumstances have knowingly not been reported.

You will be asked to give as much information as possible to help us to investigate the application. For example:

  • the name and address of the person you suspect
  • a description of the person including any distinguishing marks such as tattoos
  • why you suspect them of fraud
  • information about their car, if they have one.
Report benefit fraud

You can also call our fraud hotline on 01993 861234 anytime. An answer machine is available outside office hours.

You do not have to give your name when giving us information. If you do, your details will not be passed on.

How the information will be used

When we receive your information we will review the application and investigate the report. If we find inconsistencies in the application we will carry out a full investigation and interview the applicant.

Report internal fraud or corruption

To report any other type of fraud, including misconduct by employees or Councillor behaviour, report it as internal fraud or corruption