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Renewable energy

Renewable energy is generated from naturally-replenished sources such as sunlight, wind, water and biomass by using advanced technologies. Renewable energy sources are essential to help us move away from fossil fuels and use cleaner alternatives.

What we are doing

We have invested in clean energy and installed renewable technologies within the design of our buildings.

Solar panels have been installed and operational at Carterton Leisure Centre since April 2016 and they provide a direct, renewable supply of electricity. This was made possible through our investment of £155,000. At our Elmfield offices, roof-mounted solar panels provide power to the offices and makes a positive, zero-emission, contribution to the our electricity supply.

We will learn from these successes and consider in the forthcoming Carbon Action Plan the future potential of Solar PV. Alongside other low and zero-carbon energy technologies it will be a key part of achieving our target of carbon neutrality in operation.  

Community projects

Southill Solar Community Project is highly regarded as an example of good practice in West Oxfordshire. They demonstrate the power of community action in creating a strategic-level, renewable energy project that provides a source of local, clean energy.  

We agreed at Full Council on 22 January 2020, a loan to Southill Solar Community Project which will contribute to, and support, its long-term sustainability. 

Renewable energy at home

If you are considering ways to reduce your carbon footprint and would like to switch to a low or zero-carbon energy supply, then you may want to consider installing renewables in your home to generate your own clean energy.

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