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Apply for building regulations approval

There are two types of building control you can apply for:

  • full plans application for major work which is suitable for all building work and needs full plans submitting. It takes between three to four weeks before you can start work
  • a building notice for minor work to let us know you are doing work, you will be able to start 48 hours after submitting it

For any queries and to get a quote - call us on 01993 861702.

Fill out the building control application form and send it back to us by:

Apply for building regulations approval

If you are applying for full building control then you will also need to include all detailed plans, elevations and sections and technical notes, supporting calculations and specification.

You can pay for building regulations using our online form.

Competent persons scheme

The competent persons scheme means some types of building work can be self-certified instead of applying for approval.  Read more about the competent persons scheme and which organisations are part of it.

Work exempt from building regulations

Some work is exempt from building regulations. In some cases these works do not need building regulations approval. You should submit the relevant form and we will send you conformation that you are exempt, or an application form.