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View and comment on planning applications

Use Public Access to view and comment on planning applications. Anyone can make a comment on a planning application. You do not need to register to look at or comment on an application. If you do register then you will also be able to:

  • track applications
  • save your searches
  • get email notifications about tracked applications and new search results
Search for a planning application

Your comments, name and address will be published on our website but your signature, email address and telephone number will be removed. Once the application has been determined public access to the correspondence will be restricted in order to protect your privacy/data but it will be retained on the file and is still available to view by planning officers. The privacy notice has more information on how we use your personal data.

You can also do a postcode search to view the nearest planning applications to your property.

Commenting on a planning application

You can comment on planning applications and submit your comments online through Public Access.  

Comments received will be available for public inspection and displayed on our website normally within 48 hours of receipt.

Alternatively you can send a letter, quoting the application reference number, together with your full name and address, to: Head of Planning and Sustainable Communities, West Oxfordshire District Council, Elmfield, New Yatt Road, Witney OX28 1PB

When making comments you must provide your name and address, if you do not your comments will be considered anonymous and your views cannot be taken into account.  We will remove sensitive information such as telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures. 

Comments should not contain remarks which might be regarded as offensive, personal or libellous. We do reserve the right to withhold from publication any comments not considered suitable for public view.

What you can comment on and what we cannot consider

You can support or object to a proposal, but you should bear in mind that planning applications can only be decided on the basis of planning issues, such as:

  • the effect on neighbours' daylight, sunlight or privacy
  • the impact of traffic, road access, highway safety, parking
  • the appearance, bulk or height of the scheme
  • the impact on amenity, such as noise generated by the proposal
  • the potential loss of a valued local service or use, such as a shop
  • the effect on wildlife, listed buildings, trees etc

We cannot consider issues such as:

  • the effect on property values
  • private issues between neighbours such as land covenants, land and boundary disputes
  • competition between rival businesses
  • party wall disputes and fire escape matters
  • problems while construction works are being carried out, such as noise, dust and disturbance by construction vehicles
  • loss of a private view


If you decide to organise a petition, please make sure that there is a contact name and address for the person organising the petition - this is the only person we will correspond with.  Please note individuals appearing on the petition will not be recorded separately on our records or receive any correspondence.