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West Oxfordshire Executive 2023

West Oxfordshire Cabinet May 2022

Role of an Executive member

Executive members are responsible for:

  • leading on developing council policy and make recommendations to the Executive
  • providing guidance to the Executive on developments within the portfolio
  • giving guidance to the Executive on budget priorities
  • monitoring performance and make sure policy is delivered
  • leading on improving council services
  • making sure that activities meet the council's overall vision, core values and guiding principles
  • contributing to debate and decision-making
  • working with councillors who are not members of the Executive, members of the opposition and officers to make sure that the overview and scrutiny process works correctly
  • appearing before and responding to overview and scrutiny committee reports
  • representing the council at a national and local level

Each Executive member is the spokesperson for the policy area or 'portfolio' they are responsible for.

Andy Graham - Leader of the Council

Cllr Andy Graham

His portfolio responsibilities are:

  • Policy Framework
  • Corporate Plan
  • Executive functions
  • Regional and National Bodies
  • Oxfordshire Partnership Board
  • Oxfordshire Growth Board
  • Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Oxfordshire Leaders
  • Publica and Ubico
  • Democratic Services
  • Communications
  • Legal Services
  • Counter Fraud
  • Emergency Planning

Duncan Enright - Deputy Leader & Economic Development

Cllr Duncan Enright

His portfolio responsibilities are:

  • Economic Development
  • Inward investment
  • Business Development
  • Visitor Economy
  • Town and Village regeneration

Dan Levy - Finance

Cllr Dan Levy

His portfolio responsibilities are:

  • Finance and management
  • Council Tax and benefits
  • Efficiency agenda
  • Performance management of the Council
  • Asset management
  • Investment strategy
  • South West Audit Partnership

Carl Rylett - Planning & Sustainable Development

Cllr Carl Rylett

His portfolio responsibilities are:

  • Oxfordshire Plan 2050
  • Local Plan
  • Government planning policies and guidance
  • Conservation and design
  • Design and Historic Environment
  • Landscape and Biodiversity
  • Strategic Housing
  • Development Management
  • Ensuring planning policies meet 2030 requirement

Mathew Parkinson - Customer Delivery

Cllr Mathew Parkinson

His portfolio responsibilities are:

  • Parish and town empowerment
  • Equality and diversity
  • Customer Services
  • ICT and services
  • Councillor development
  • Broadband

Joy Aitman - Stronger Healthy Communities

Cllr Joy Aitman

Her portfolio responsibilities are:

  • Community
  • Community Revenue Grants
  • Voluntary sector engagement
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Health and safety
  • Public art
  • Facilities Grants
  • Community and public health
  • Healthy Communities
  • Accountable Member for Refugee Resettlement Programme
  • Young people

Geoff Saul - Housing & Social Welfare

Councillor Geoff Saul

His portfolio responsibilities are:

  • Housing Allocations
  • Homelessness
  • Provision of affordable homes
  • Sheltered housing accommodation
  • Safeguarding - Community Safety Partnership
  • Crime and Disorder
  • Neighbourhood Policing
  • Scrutiny of Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Assets of Community Value

Lidia Arciszewska - Environment

Cllr Lidia Arciszewska

Her portfolio responsibilities are:

  • Energy advice
  • Flood alleviation and sewage
  • Environmental and regulatory
  • Environmental partnership
  • Waste collection and recycling
  • Street Scene (cleansing, litter and grounds maintenance)
  • Car parking
  • Air quality
  • Land, food, farming

Andrew Prosser - Climate Change

Councillor Andrew Prosser

His portfolio responsibilities are:

  • Renewable energy and retrofit investment
  • Biodiversity across the District
  • Carbon neutral by 2030
  • Fossil fuel dependence reduction
  • Local, national and county wide liaison on climate
  • Internal liaison on Climate Change
  • EV Charging Rollout