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Contaminated land

If land becomes severely polluted and it affects a 'statutory receptor', we are the primary regulator. We assess the land to see if further action is needed. We provide the following services:  

  • carry out inspections of sites
  • check the extent of contamination
  • designate whether the site is deemed a 'special site' (the Environment Agency are responsible for enforcing this) and
  • act as the Enforcing Authority for contaminated land not designated as a special site

Public register of contaminated land

Our Contaminated Land Register currently includes the following entry:

Contaminated Land Notice served - RAF Brize Norton (Bulk Fuel Installation 5). Notice of Determination made 23 May 2006, offered to Environment Agency as a Special Site on 10 November 2006.

Special Site - RAF Brize Norton (Bulk Fuel Installation 5). For further information, please contact the Environment Agency

Treatment of contaminated land  

When land has been confirmed as contaminated the enforcing authority must: 

  • confirm who should be responsible for treatment or remediation
  • decide after consultation what treatment work should be done and check that this is carried out
  • decide who is to pay for the treatment and
  • maintain a public register of all regulatory action in relation to contaminated land. 

Land is only considered contaminated if it affects:

  • human beings
  • certain ecosystems
  • certain property
  • controlled water

You can download our contaminated land strategy.

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